Thursday, September 1, 2016


Member : Mimi Ohm Fook
Mimi : A little formatting (very little and make it harder)
Ohm : Information and writting
Fook : Planning, decorating, formatting and pictured
 My group planed is plan by me. At first, Mimi wanted to do in Canvas but Ohm and me taught that work in google docs is easier so we made another one in google docs. But Mimi didn't do anything and she came in to change the fronts that me and Ohm were already type so the work is discodered. She still open canvas and we had to say close canvas and open the docs. The deside of Mimi wasn't the same as our deside but she didn't do it and say why we did so .... that opposite to her deside. 
I think Ohm's advantage is responsible. He know the time that he has to work. But his cons is the times, he doesn't has enough time because Ohm's house is so far to school.
I think Mimi's advantage  is the imagine she has the good design but her design doesn't paste enough information. But her cons is too decorating, didn't sloppy and if she has to do the thing that she doesn't want to do she will not doit or do just a little bit.

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